Restaurante Del Pitic

Rich food for all tastes

When traveling, you will not only find a comfortable room and a friendly service, but also a professional service in food.

These three characteristics are found in the Hotel Suites Kino and in the Restaurant Del Pitic, located to the side of the entrance of the hotel, and for your comfort, just a few steps from your room.

To start the day with energy, nothing better than a good breakfast.

For you we have from Monday to Sunday a delicious buffet with a varied menu for adults and also for children.

Our visitors tell us that the buffet is very tasty, and in truth it is.

For a rich meal, we also have a wide variety of dishes to choose from. What do you think if we start with starters with Nachos, or delicious chicken wings, or if you have a small hole, succulent chicken or beef toast. Although they are not to despise some enchiladas, some synchronized or a soup of beef or chicken.

To eat fit in our menu also has to choose to start with: a chicken consomme with rice, an omelette soup or a cheese broth mmm, this could not be more Sonoran.

Or, we can decide on something fresh, like a chicken salad, or a tuna.

Now we go with the strong dishes for lunch or dinner, so before going to take a relaxing nap or rest at night in our rooms: here we also have options for all tastes: like a chicken or beef fajitas, or a breast of chicken with potatoes, but since we are in Sonora, there is nothing better than a succulent plate of roast beef, with its avocado, accompanied by a quesadilla, beans, onion and chiles bullfighting. It could not be better!



We have an assortment of sandwiches and cakes, such as roast beef, supreme cake that is also delicious, a traditional hamburger with garnish, or a tuna sandwich. And to finish the dessert of the day.

Our food can be tasted with various drinks like our cold beers, ahhhh, or a refreshing lemonade, fresh water, tea, and of course, without missing the savory coffee. We have happy hour in the afternoons that you can take advantage of to share watching a match or box.

For events, we can prepare special dishes to your budget, do not hesitate to contact us so that in our facilities we cook something to your liking and your group is happy.

This is our restaurant Del Pitic, we invite you to visit us, but if you prefer to stay in your room, no problem, we have room service and we take what you ask us, because our mission is to serve them, because remember that the motto Hotel Suites Kino is your home in Hermosillo.